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Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio

The Linksys Wireless-G Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera sends live video through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world!
The advanced MPEG-4 video compression produces a high-quality, high-framerate, up to 640x480 video stream. MPEG-4 encoding facilitates good video quality in varying bandwidth environments. WVC200 also supports MJPEG compression for video, providing good video quality at high bandwidth rates.

The comprehensive video features include an IR filter cut which allow you to see the images in low or no light environments when an IR lamp is used. Snapshots (in JPEG format) of the image can be taken and saved.Snapshots can also be scheduled and sent to an FTP server.

If you want the video to be visible from a remote location or from the Internet, you can open an appropriate port on the Router, and then create password protected accounts to manage access to the camera, or leave it wide open for the world to see. Support for Dynamic DNS lets you access your camera using an easy-to-remember "name", even while using a dynamic IP address. The Pan/Tilt and digital zoom function allows you to remotely control the camera movement and focus, giving you maximum flexibility remotely. Up to 10 simultaneous users can have access to the camera at any point in time. Software is included for multiple camera monitoring and recording to your hard drive with advanced search by time and date. Recording can be set up to record by motion trigger, manual or schedule recording and playback on Windows Media Player without the need for a proprietary player.

You can also turn on Security Mode, which tells the camera to send a message with a short video attached to up to three email addresses whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log onto the live video stream if the situation warrants. Wireless security features include WEP and WPA.


SlingPlayer is the interface that appears on the screen of your computer or mobile device. This pioneering software allows you to watch and control your TV with wide-ranging functionality and ease.

Watch your digital cable or satellite TV - here, there, everywhere!

The Slingbox AV is the perfect companion for your DVR, digital cable, or satellite receiver (Got no box? Try the Slingbox TUNER instead. Got HDTV? Check out the Slingbox PRO!). With the tivo.gifability to watch and control your favorite TV source, the Slingbox AV ensures that you can enjoy your TV entertainment anywhere you go. Using an Internet connected computer or compatible mobile phone*, you can watch and control your home TV, DVR, digital cable box, or satellite receiver anywhere around your home or around the globe. With a Slingbox AV you will never be separated from your favorite TV shows, sports broadcasts, breaking news stories, digital video recordings, or video on demand.

Complete control
The Slingbox does a lot more than let you just watch your home TV channels over the Internet, it gives you complete control over your cable box, satellite receiver, or DVR. That's right, every feature that's available on your home remote control is accessible through the SlingPlayer interface! This means you can view your electronic program guide (EPG), change the channels, queue a recording on your DVR, or even watch pay-per-view movies. All your favorite features are just a click away, even from half-way around the world (because whole-way around is back home).